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Event ID 560
Status Completed
Request Time 2022-11-02 19:39:48
Org Name LGBTQ Caucus
Event Date 2022-11-14
Event Name Cross Harvard LGBTQ Graduate Student
Event Location On campus - Indoor
Event Description This will be a professional and social networking event for 200 LGBTQ grad school students across Harvard. It will be an opportunity to connect about identity, discuss what we've learned recently, share opportunities, and help determine the agenda for the next couple months. Students from HBS, HKS, HLS, GSD, HGSE, HSPH, HMS, HSDM, HDS, SEAS, and GSAS will be there. We plan to host these on a near-monthly basis with one school adopting responsibility each time. (We will not be responsible for the next event.) The location for this event will be the Queens Head beneath Memorial Hall.
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