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Status Completed
Request Time 2022-04-12 10:24:18
Org Name Peruvian Caucus
Event Date 2022-04-18
Event Name Political Crisis in Peru: Looking for Consensus
Event Location On campus - Indoor
Event Description After going through his second vacancy motion, President Pedro Castillo faces challenges on multiple fronts: Congress, his cabinet and the citizenry. On the night of April 4, President Castillo announced the mandatory social immobilization for April 5 as a result of the truckers' strike that led to protests and blockades in the country. The measure was roundly rejected by the population, who questioned its constitutionality and took to the streets to protest asking for his resignation. This event will feature the perspectives of politicians and analysts on the difficulty that Peru finds in working on a consensual road map to get out of a permanent state of political crisis.
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