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Request Time 2022-02-23 19:55:47
Org Name Social Enterprise Conference
Event Date 2022-03-26
Event Name Social Enterprise Conference
Event Location On campus - Indoor
Event Description The 22nd Annual Social Enterprise Conference (SECON), presented by students at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, will bring together top leaders, practitioners and students on March 26 - 27, 2022 to engage in a virtual dialogue, debate, and expression around Social Enterprise. Our mission is to educate participants about Social Enterprises potential in solving the worlds most pressing problems and to inspire meaningful discussion around the key challenges within the field. This year, SECON seeks to address the following: Disrupting the status quo: beyond impact to equity. SECON gathers attendees from across the private, public, social, and academic sectors for two days of education and networking. Through a variety of programming, from hackathons to design workshops, SECON provides a unique forum to engage ~1000 participants and diverse employers from the social impact space.
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