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Event ID 1776
Status Approved
Request Time 2023-03-08 17:27:42
Org Name Mental Health + Wellbeing Caucus
Event Date 2023-03-30
Event Name Healing Circle / Mindfulness Workshops
Event Location On campus - Indoor
Event Description The Mindfulness Coach will conduct 4 remaining sessions ($120/session) during Spring 2023 semester as a direct intervention of the grief and trauma experienced by the MC/MPA cohort as well as other HKS MPA/MPP/MPA-ID students. The healing circle is critically needed and anticipated as many have gone through a very difficult fall semester, especially after one of our cohorts committed suicide and another LGBTQ+ student lost his life to homophobia. Anyone in need of therapy will be provided with information about Harvards Counseling Mental Health Services.
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