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Event ID 1519
Status Approved
Request Time 2023-02-27 10:53:50
Org Name Mexican Caucus
Event Date 2023-04-22
Event Name Mexico Conference 2023
Event Location On campus - Indoor
Event Description The Mexico Conference is a yearly student-led conference at Harvard that promotes an interdisciplinary dialogue around Mexicos culture, politics, and economy. The MX Conference 2023 is the sixth edition of the event, which is now consolidated as one of the foremost forums about the country globally. The conference gathers politicians, entrepreneurs, social activists, academics, and many other outstanding personalities to analyze and discuss challenges and opportunity areas of the current Mexican national and international landscape. Some of the topics and guest speakers will cover topics such as democracy, entrepreneurship and innovation, sustainable development, among others where students can learn from change-makers taking action. Additionally, the conference is a space for HKS, Harvard-wide, and external students to interact and build networking connections around specific areas of interest and expertise.
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