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Event ID 145
Status Approved
Request Time 2022-02-01 17:03:58
Org Name Women in Power Conference
Event Date 2022-04-23
Event Name 5th Annual WIPC - "Power Within"
Event Location On campus - Indoor
Event Description For the past 4 years, WIPC has brought together people to explore & debate key issues relating to the advancement of women. Last year, we reached +1,600 people in +50 countries. For 22, we looked for power in new & different places. At the same time, we may have struggled to find power entirely, making us wonder-where does power come from within each individual, be it a role, an experience, a phase of life, or a thought? We propose that we find Power Within ourselves in many ways. It may lie within& is not limited tocommunity, professional life, relationships, the body, & spirituality. The WIPC 22 focuses on the individuals of the Harvard Community. As we curate personal stories & hope to shed light on sources of Power Within, we will be celebrating the diversity & differences in our community to foster inclusive & meaningful dialogue. We look forward to inclusive conversation that is productive, inspiring, & healing for women as well as those who advocate for women.
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